A Cookie For Every Diet

A collection of cookie recipes from the internet


I like baking, though I’m by no means an expert.  My partner has a terrible weakness for homemade cookies, which I’m happy to exploit whenever I get the chance.  When my partner and I decided to try the Paleo diet, it wasn’t long for him to start begging me to find Paleo cookie recipes.

Let me tell you, the first few attempts were terrible.  Not that they were inedible, just that they weren’t what a cookie was meant to be.  It felt like a waste of effort to go to all the trouble – sometimes running out to the grocery store for an unusual ingredient, but at the very least, waiting with anticipation to see how they turn out, and having to do dishes later – only to come out with a mediocre end product.

I’ll admit – I almost gave up.  Gave up on the possibility of a Paleo cookie that passes muster, of course, but even giving up on Paleo entirely.  If I couldn’t have a delicious cookie, was life even worth living?

Then it happened.  I made a great cookie.  Of course, I take no credit.  I just followed a recipe.  Credit goes to the Civilized Caveman, where I got the recipe from.  But it was like a lightswitch turned on in my head – there is hope!  A Paleo cookie can be delicious!  Now that I had an idea what to look for in a recipe (I think the secret ingredient may in fact be dates, shh, don’t tell), my hunt once again resumed.  And without much work, I came across a second recipe that was super easy to make and just as good as the first one.

I started to have wild and crazy ideas.  How many people were in the same boat as me?  Looking for a healthy(er)(ish) cookie, or stuck with some dietary restrictions, and missing out on the joy of life’s delicious baked treats?

I set about to rectify this problem.  To  be honest, this blog is mostly for me, so that I can bookmark the good recipes I’ve come across.  But I know lots of people with dietary restrictions: my partner is diabetic (sugar bad) and has some allergies; my sister-in-law, along with several other friends, are celiac (gluten bad); my sister and I are doing Paleo (grains bad); and I know plenty of people who are simply watching their weight (calories bad).  Of course, that doesn’t even begin to touch on all the diets out there, but I figure, as a person who can eat everything and who is willing to try strange baking experiments, I’m in a unique position to objectively state how good a given cookie is.  I come across all sorts of blogs where people post recipes and claim that it’s delicious, but I figure it’s delicious for <insert diet here>.  I’m going to tell you how good it is, period.